2013 Popular Car Colors

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Your car needs to be as cool as you are. A car is a reflection of the person who drives it. It shows off the awesomeness of the person you are. One way to show that coolness off is with the color of your car.


For the year 2013, the second year in a row, white has been chosen as the most popular color car. According to PPG industries, the paint supplier for automotive companies, 21% of new cars in North America this year were white.

Black painted cars came in second accounting for 19% of new cars for 2013. There is something luxurious about a white or black car. It just emulates class.

Silver and gray cars made up 16% of new cars for 2013, but what about the cars with the brighter colors of the spectrum like red, yellow and green. Not only in North America but on a global scale, brightly colored cars are outnumbered by the simple colored cars. White, black, silver and gray cars account for 76% of the automotive market.


Where are the flashy red Corvettes, the pink Prius  and the yellow Aveos of the world? They are waiting to take their turn at the top of the car color chain; waiting for their drivers to let their flags fly with a different coat color for their car. They are waiting for you to bring them out to overthrow boring white and simple black cars.

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