2nd Annual-Invitational Golf Tournament

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So lately Shine has had a lot going on, on top of all the exciting new renovations that are happening, Shine participated in the 2nd Annual-Invitational Golf Tournament at the Talons Cove Golf Club on August 23rd  where all proceeds are donated to JDRF to help cure type 1 diabetes.


For this exciting event Shine was offering a Harley Davidson


to anyone who could get a hole-in-1 set at 175 yards. During the event we offered goodies, soda and water to whom ever wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a winner, it could have been because the weather was windy and rainy throughout the event, but we did get some good advertising in and we got to be part of the fundraiser for JRDF which we were excited to support.

shine 2shine 3











Here is our beautiful sales representative Ellen, who set up the entire giveaway for us, modeling the Harley.


shine 4

Here she is again offering up snack and goodies to all the hopeful golfers that participated in the event.


shine 5shine 6










shine 7


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