4 Ways to Keep Your Car Driving Well

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When it comes to maintaining your car and keeping it in good shape, many people think of the big repairs—but ignore the smaller things that can be done. In reality, taking care of all the small elements of car maintenance will help prevent much more expensive repairs in the future.

Save yourself some money

Here are some simple tips that will help you avoid that huge mechanic’s fee:

  1. Get your oil and filters changed on a regular basis. Usually this will cost you well under $100, but failing to do so can result in engine failure that requires several thousand dollars in parts and repairs.
  2. Write down any problems that you’ve been having. Be as detailed as possible. If you’ve been hearing a weird noise, write down when you hear it, how long it lasts, and which area of the car it seems to be coming from. Even if it’s not affecting your car’s performance, take it into a trustworthy mechanic and describe the symptoms just to make sure it’s not something that could be ruining your car.
  3. Keep your tires properly inflated, and replace them when they need to be replaced. Properly maintained tires can increase the fuel efficiency of your car and prevent a costly and even dangerous blowout.
  4. Don’t drive on empty very often. Frequently driving your car on a nearly empty fuel tank can actually damage vital components of your car’s engine. So try to keep the fuel gauge pointing above empty as often as possible.

When it comes to keeping your car in good shape, the minor details all add up. Keeping your car maintained can save you thousands of dollars and even prevent a major accident.

Of course, sometimes accidents can’t be avoided. If your car has been in a collision, contact your Utah collision repair professionals for fast and affordable body repair services!

By Tim Crain

Keep your tires properly inflated

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