5 Auto Maintenance Warning Signs to Remember

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Sometimes casual observation while driving can be the difference between safety and a wreck. Periodically checking these five areas will help to make sure you stay out of harm’s way:

  1. Brakes: Keep your ear on the brakes for any squeaking – this tells you that the pads are rubbing together. Does braking require excessive effort? Is there a spongy feeling when you press down? It’s time to head to the garage!
  2. Oil: First, make sure to get an oil change by the date recommended on your windshield sticker. If you’re not quite sure, perform a simple dipstick test: if the oil on the dipstick comes out black, it’s time to get that oil swapped out.
  3. Muffler: Naturally, you will notice if your muffler is especially noisy, indicating a hole that needs patching. But you should also be careful to observe if you experience excessive exhaust smell from inside the car – you’re probably experiencing a serious exhaust issue.
  4. Tire Pressure: Perform a standard tire pressure check periodically to ensure you’re riding neither to high nor too low. Outside of your regular pressure check, however, you should pay attention to the way the car rides. Is the alignment off? Does the car seem to lean in one direction while driving? This is one of the easiest and most important fixes to make.
  5. Engine: Pay attention to the rate at which your engine burns through oil. If it’s running out too quickly, your gasket seal is most likely ruined. And, of course, there’s the dashboard light, loud screeching noises, and other fairly obvious signs pointing to engine issues.

Naturally, though, if you do run into trouble on the road, visit the experts at Utah’s auto body shop.

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