5 Often-Neglected Steps to Maintain Your Car

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Most of us know we should check the oil, maintain tire pressure, and keep our exterior squeaky clean. But, to keep your car on the road, there are a few other, less frequent, but equally important car maintenance steps to take. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but check on these things each time you have your oil changed:

  1. Fluid levels: check your power-steering and brake-fluid reservoirs. Top them off, if necessary. If your fluid seems to be unusually low, you may have leak – you’ll want it checked out by a professional. Also run your car to warm up the engine and check the transmission dipstick.
  2. Battery: Ensure that terminals and cables are securely attached and that no corrosion has taken place.
  3. Radiator: First, brush away any debris. Then, using a detergent solution, wash the exterior. This will help prevent overheating.
  4. Brakes: It’s best to have brakes checked out at the shop. But if you know how to service them yourself, remove all wheels, replace excessively worn linings or paddings, and machine or replace badly scored rotors or drums.
  5. Exhaust: Under-car inspections can be dangerous – the shop that changes your oil should be able to look for any rusted parts and tighten any loose clamps. When driving, listen to the sound of the exhaust for any changes.

Just a few simple maintenance checks can help prevent accidents from occurring. But in the case that you have a mishap on the road, give a call to your Utah Auto Body experts.

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