A Good Review on Shine Collision’s Car Dent Repair Work & Customer Service

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So, the other day my friend’s car was dented by the car door of a stranger.  The stranger was nice enough to leave a note with his number on it in order to cover the cost.  She took the car to a few different Utah auto body repair shops in Salt Lake County for a free estimate and even though Shine Collision’s estimate was about $30 more than the others, she chose them because of their reputation for quality work and customer service.

Even though my friend wouldn’t be paying for the repair work she was still frustrated that tiny dent would cost a little over $600.  It seemed like a lot of money for such a small dent!  Even I had to wonder why car dents always seem to cost so much to repair.  The workers at Shine were understanding of my friend’s concern and took great measures to explain everything that went into car dent repair.

Three Steps to Repairing Car Dents

  1. First, there is the damage Analysis. The guys at Shine collision did a thorough analysis by carefully looking at the vehicle from every angle in search of any secondary damage which is caused by the inertia of the impact, such as door alignment, door glass knocked out of its tracks, and buckles on the roof. Then they took photos of the actual dent for analysis.
  2. Second, meticulous disassemble. Once my friend was able to get her car in for the actual repair she was told that the car door would have to come off and certain areas would have to be repainted because the dent was severely cracked.  In more severe car dent cases, several car parts might have to be disassembled.  For bigger car dents and collisions, parts have to be ordered.  At Shine Collision, they have a very particular order process because they strive to avoid multiple orders through careful verification that helps ensure that they can receive accurate parts the first time. They are careful to verify the correct part by obtaining information off the car, such as the VIN, Prod date, color code, trim code, and part # of the damaged part. They also email pictures to the manufacturer for visual verification.
  3. Third, the repair work begins. This process involves many different workers because each process involves a different set of skills.  For example: you’ll have to have someone set up the right equipment, an expert car painter, a couple of people removing parts and then of course someone to fix the dent.  Each damaged part of the car is painted separately just like they do in the factory.   Repair work can also include frame repair to make sure your car will accept any new parts that have been ordered. Most of the cost of car dent repair goes to paying out everyone involved.

Needless to say, my friend was very happy with the end result.  Shine Collision helped arrange a car rental service and even though she was running a little late on the day it was time to pick up her car (Shine Collision was closing up), the workers stayed and waited for her to show up.  I’m certain she’ll continue to go to these guys anytime somebody accidently dents her car again.

A Utah Auto Body Shop That Provides Free loaner cars

Shine Collision will also provide you with a free loaner car if you don’t have rental coverage on your insurance policy. Its simple just bring your car to Shine Collision. They have over “20” free loaner cars. It works like this:

  1. Set up a claim with your insurance company.
  2. Bring your vehicle and claim # into shine.
  3. We will asses the damage, check for parts availability and loaner car availability.
  4. Then we schedule you in after we have received the parts.

So simple, you can go about your day without missing a beat and just kick back, relax, then pick up your car when it’s ready.

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