Accident 101: Some Steps To Follow

Getting involved in any kind of car on car accident, either big or small, is a disconcerting experience if not downright terrifying! But once the initial shock has worn off and if you are basically uninjured, it’s absolutely essential to keep your wits about you and follow a few basic steps in order to protect your interests and make sure all your bases are covered.

  1. Tend to any passengers immediately. Everything else can wait. If there are injuries, be sure to call the police and an ambulance right away.
  2. If the accident is a minor one, move both cars out of moving traffic for your safety.
  3. Make sure you get the names and contact information for any witnesses to the event. In many cases, people do not have time to stick around for the police but they are willing to be contacted later either by the authorities or by the insurance companies. Even if you think the fault is obvious, and even if both drivers agree, someone may change his story later: so witnesses are extremely important.
  4. Often police will not come if the accident is a minor one. If this is the case, be sure to get all the information you will need for an insurance claim, including:
    • Driver’s name, home phone number, insurance card, policy information, agent of contact
    • Make, model, color and year of other car as well as license plate number
    • Time and exact location of accident
    • Write down your version of what happened
    • Contact your own local insurance agent right away: he may even come to the scene to ascertain the events for himself and offer support.
  5. After these immediate post-accident steps are completed, drive your vehicle (if possible) or have it towed to a good Utah auto body repair shop like Shine Collision to get an estimate. Remember that even seemingly minor collisions may result in underlying damage that can put your safety at risk; so it’s wise to have your car checked out by a professional.

Accidents are scary — there’s no doubt about it! But keeping a cool head and following all the proper steps will can make a bad situation better.

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