Auto Body Repair: Fender Bender Options

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Someone just rear ended your car. Or maybe it was you that caused the accident?  Either way, you’ve got a huge dent in your fender, and now you’re wondering: how much is this going to cost? Can I fix it myself? Or should I call a professional?

It’s okay.  You can calm down.  I’ve got the answers for you!

Fender bender repair: how much does it cost?

The fender is the most expensive part of the car exterior and repair costs can range anywhere from $50.00-$3000.00. This price depends almost entirely on the make of the car and the size of the dent.

If the dent is small you may be debating over whether or not the expense of auto body repair is worth it.  Just consider that there are many car experts that strongly recommend all dents be repaired as soon as possible.  This is because exposed metals are vulnerable to rust damage, and if your bumper has come loose it could create dangerous problems later on.

Can I repair it myself?

Yes, there are ways to fix a dent yourself, but whether you will end up with a quality repair is questionable.  The most common do-it-yourself method is to use body filler, sandpaper, plastic spreaders, and other items that you can order online.  This method requires long hours and lots of patience, especially if you’ve never done any repair work before.

There is even a You Tube video that will show you how to fix a fender bender by dissembling the car, and then pulling the dent out with a chain attached to a backhoe.  Talk about extreme and possibly even dangerous!  Not highly recommended!

Call a Professional

More than likely you probably don’t want to spend hours of your free time trying to figure out how to sandpaper your own dent, or have a back hoe on hand ready to go.  Even if you do, why go through all that hassle when an auto body repair professional is just a phone call away? You can get a free repair estimate online before you go in so that you know what to expect.  And, if you’re a Utah resident and in need of help, Shine Collision has been the leading Utah Auto Body shop for over two decades.

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