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Our Factory-like Spot Welding is Used to Completely Repair the Damaged Area

Auto Frame RepairSometimes it’s necessary to pull the frame off your car. This allows us to get a better look at what’s actually going on with the inner workings and mechanics of the vehicle itself… not just the body. Though it’s the body that often appears to be the most beat-up in an accident it can sometimes be very much the opposite. In that moment when metal collides it pushes every part together, thus, also pushing parts inside the mechanics of the car together as well… potentially seriously harming an important part of your car’s engine or inner design. This is why it’s essential that we are able to lift the frame, this is a task that several other car shops don’t have the means to do appropriately. We have the tools and know-how to take the frame off safely and efficiently!

Here at Shine Collision our technology and equipment is up-to-date and ever improving so we have the exact factory specifications on all makes and models. This technology uses an advanced laser measuring system to get your unibody or frame vehicle back to factory specifications. Basically, good as new, which is pretty exciting.

Our technicians are hired with the knowledge that they have the wisdom to tackle these problems, they also receive extensive training to further hone their skills to ensure the best possible service for our customers. During the entirety of the repair process we continually do quality checks to make sure that nothing is overlooked or done minimally. Through our team concept and having more qualified technicians working on your car nothing gets missed.

Trust your frame repair to the best in the business, Shine Collision Repair. Contact us at one of our four locations today!