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Here at Shine, We Strive for an Invisible Repair

Utah Auto PaintingThere are many things we do to ensure that your vehicle is going to retain its value. First, we make sure that all of our painters are factory certified; this means that they know how to handle a brand new car and how to paint it properly. We want your car to look factory fresh, as if it were also brand new. Our technicians have a clear understanding of top-quality work because that’s what our customers deserve. We also ensure that each paint department is spotless. This means that there is no chance of the paint job of your car being disrupted in any shape or form. Clean department, clean paint job.

Secondly, whenever possible we take the parts off the vehicle to paint. This process is in place for a reason, the part may have some hidden areas that are covered by other pieces that could potentially miss out on a thorough paint coat. By separating the pieces the process is flawlessly matched by the way it’s done in a factory setting. Furthermore, our skilled painters use only the highest quality polyurethane paint and baking down draft booths; this technology bakes the vehicle for thirty minutes at 160 degrees and allows the paint to cure correctly.

All paint and clear coats are backed 100% by the manufacturer PPG for life. There is an economy line of paint for a cheaper paint job that we offer, so if your paint job is bigger than your wallet we recommend looking into that cost-effective option.

Lastly, we can make sure that you are completely satisfied by offering a bottle of touch up paint to keep with you just in case — although we do suggest that you let us do all of the serious painting. After all, it is one of the many things our technicians have had extensive training on! Though, we do feel confident you won’t need that extra bottle at all. Contact us today at one of our four locations to get started!