Avoid Skidding and Collisions this Winter

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A sudden and unexpected skid on icy or slushy roads is a scary experience for anyone, especially if it’s near a slow moving car, median or tree. But, drivers should take note! First and foremost, any type of skid is almost always the result of a driver error, not the weather. This means that skidding and collisions during the winter months are completely avoidable (for the most part) if you follow these important safety precautions:

Skid and Collision Safety Precautions:

  1. Watch your speed ALWAYS!
  2. Stop 10 times faster than you would in perfect weather.
  3. Don’t accelerate, steer or brake too abruptly.
  4. Reduce speed when turning.
  5. Be on the lookout for forming ice by checking to see if any has formed on parked cars.
  6. Black ice is the enemy because it’s really transparent in color. Any time the temperature is below freezing this black ice becomes a hazard.

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