Car Maintenance Tip of the Month: Engines

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The engine puts the motor in motor vehicle. Without a functioning engine, a car is little more than a unmovable shell with tires. Taking care of your vehicle’s engine is one of the most important steps in vehicle maintenance. Unfortunately, the engine is also one of the most complex components of the car, and there are a number of different parts of the engine that you should pay attention to when maintaining the engine, such as belts and fluids. Here is a look at some of the most important things you should do to maintain your engine.

Inspect Belts

At the front of the engine there are a series of rubber drive belts that loop around pulleys. These handle everything from the a/c compressor to the alternator. These belts are both very important and made of rubber, so they can wear out over time and through sustained use. Be sure to have the timing belt and accessory belts inspected every 25,000 miles and replaced every 50,000 or so. If one of these belts goes out, your car will be in trouble and you could be looking at a hefty bill.

Check Oil

The oil and engine coolant are two of the items that make the engine function. Keeping an eye of the levels of these two things is very important to the health of your engine and performance of your car. Checking the oil level in your car is easy to do and should be done every couple of months. Make sure the oil level isn’t too high or too low since his can cause problems for your engine. Park the car on a level surface, wait until the engine cools, and check the oil levels, filling if it is low. Low oil pressure can cause the engine to eventually fail, so be vigilant about this.

Refill Coolant

Also, check the engine coolant. This keeps the engine from overheating and is vital to engine function. The coolant reservoir is located on one side of the engine bay in a transparent bottle. There should be high and low level markers, so inspect the fluid levels and fill it if it is low. Take caution to never remove the radiator cap to check the coolant since this can cause a pressure release that can scald. This is an easy part of engine maintenance that should be done on a semi-regular basis.

Maintaining your engine throughout the year will help keep your car safe and in reliable operating condition. With relatively minimal monthly care, you can be sure that your vehicle will perform well throughout the year, under any condition.

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