Car Maintenance Tips of the Month: Spark Plugs

spark plugs

Most of our engines are internal combustion, which require spark plugs to start. These plugs must remain clean and intact for your car to perform properly. In current vehicles, spark plugs must be replaced every 30,000 to 100,000 miles. With proper maintenance and care, your spark plugs can last longer than they otherwise would. Learn how to maintain this part of your car, and how to tell if you need to replace the spark plugs of your car.


Factors Affecting Spark Plugs

Spark plug cleaning in repair shop.

Many of the factors harming spark plugs are ones that can’t necessarily be helped, but are rather the product of normal wear and tear of your vehicle, while others are the responsibility of the car owner and their mechanic. A few of these factors include:

  1. Forces inside the engine
  2. Heat
  3. Gas and oil coming from the engine
  4. Other car trouble such as a cracked thermostat housing can cause liquids to drench your spark plugs, causing problems
  5. Not maintaining regular cleanings


Be aware of these factors, and how they may adversely influence your car. Doing regular engine maintenance can help solve some of these problems.


Signs You Need to Replace Your Spark Plugs

Mechanic servicing engine, ratchet and spark plug

If you haven’t been diligent in keeping track of how long it’s been since replacing your spark plugs, there are some signs you can watch for. If you begin to notice these changes, speak with a mechanic or auto repair shop to find a solution:


    • The engine is rough at idle – when you are at a standstill, bad spark plugs will cause your engine to give a rough sound with large vibrations as opposed to the normally constant steady sound.


    • It takes a long time to start – there can be many causes of difficulty starting your car from cold weather to an old battery. If these aren’t the problem it may be your spark plugs. They could be draining your battery, making it more difficult to start.


    • Misfiring engine – If your car suddenly halts for a small moment, then continues as normal, it may caused by bad spark plugs.


  • Poor acceleration – no matter how hard you push your gas pedal your vehicle doesn’t accelerate as quickly as it should, it could very well be because of bad spark plugs.

Be aware of your spark plugs, and what could happen without proper maintenance. The more maintenance you do for your vehicle, the more miles you will be able to go without these repairs. Recognize the signs of bad spark plugs before you end up stranded on the road. If you do get stranded and need a towing service because of bad spark plugs, call Shine Collision to safely get you where you can get the problem fixed.

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