Eliminate Suspension Issues and Scratches

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Winter is here and the snow, ice, and salt can cause serious damage to your car.  Salt turns minor scrapes into giant, ugly rust stains and icy roads can throw off suspension.  Both these problems can cause big, unnecessary headaches and suspension issues can even kill. You’ll want to have both fixed before you need extensive auto body repair.

Suspension Issues Can Kill

Suspension issues generally cause dangerous problems with your alignment which can result in unpredictable jerking of the steering wheel and pull your car from left to right.  Excessive external and internal tire wear is also commonly associated with suspension problems.

Scratches and Nicks Can Rust

Road salt is brutal on even the tiniest scratches and nicks turning them into large unattractive rust spots within a short period of time.  If you care about your car’s exterior, we suggest you get them touched up by our expert painters before it’s too late.

At Shine Collision, we take the parts off the vehicle to paint in order to flawlessly match the way it was done at the factory.  We use only the highest quality polyurethane paint and baking down draft booths to bake the vehicle for thirty minutes at 160 degrees and allow the paint to cure correctly.

As far as suspension issues are concerned, our expert technicians can handle and repair it all. We will print out a laser measured spec. of your vehicle before we repair it. The measurements will show you how many millimeters your suspension is off compared to manufactures’ specs. We are your Utah auto body shop! Call us today!

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