How to Keep Your Car in Great Shape

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Have you ever noticed that some cars still drive well and look good after 20 years, while other cars that are only 5 years old already look and drive like they’re ready for the junkyard?  Though the type of the car does influence longevity, it can’t always be chalked up to the model of the car.  In fact, there are a lot of factors that can affect how long your car lasts.

Did you know that the way you drive—the things you do on a daily basis—can affect the life of your car?  Driving safely and being sure to follow these tips can add years of life to your car.

  1. Don’t accelerate quickly within the first minutes of your drive, as rapid acceleration before your car has had time to “warm up” leads to unnecessary wear on the engine.
  2. Avoid making rapid turns or braking suddenly, as this can damage your tires.
  3. Use the right kind of fuel.  Not all fuels are created equal, and buying the right kind can add years to the life of your engine.
  4. Avoid taking unnecessary trips, and combine multiple short trips (when you’re running errands, for example) into one drive.  Stopping and starting your engine—especially when your engine isn’t warmed up—is especially hard on your car.
  5. Get your car washed regularly.  It’s not just for aesthetic reasons—keeping your car clean prevents rusting and protects the metal of your car.
  6. Keep your car regularly maintained and check the fluids regularly.  This is an obvious one, but it’s hard to overstate its importance.  Bringing your car in for an annual or semi-annual checkup, regardless of whether it is showing any problems, is one of the best things you can do to keep your car running and in good shape.

Someone who drives with these suggestions in mind is likely to find that their car stays in good shape longer.  Repairs can be expensive, and it’s best to drive to prevent repairs.

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