Shine’s New Mobile App!

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Happy November Everyone! Hope you are all geared up for the Holidays.


We are excited to announce that Shine has a new mobile app for your convenience, it is supper slick, easy to navigate and all of Shines best features are outlined for easy use.


It also lets you know the course of action you should take if you are in a car accident, which I have shared below.

1.                  Be Safe:

Make sure everyone involved is safe.  If it is a minor accident, move your cars off the road.

2.                  The Other Driver:

Make sure the other driver is okay and get their information, but anything else you say could be used against you.

3.                  Get This Information:

From everyone involved; Name, Address, Phone Number, email address, Make, Model and Year of cars, License Plate Number, Insurance Carrier, and Policy Number.

4.                  Take Pictures:

Of the damage to your vehicle, accident scene and all people involved.

5.                  File Your Claim:

With your insurance company.

6.                  Relax:

You have Shine Collision at your fingertips.

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