State-of-the-art Process

Repairing Your Car Using Top of the Line Equipment

Shine Collision works to repair your vehicle quickly while maintaining the high quality work we’ve become known for. Over the past few years we’ve been traveling around the country, studying Toyota, which has become the world’s’ largest auto manufacturer, even surpassing General Motors.

Over the decades Toyota has developed a production system delivering the highest quality at the fastest pace with an exceptional customer experience. We have dedicated the past few years to learning their key principles.

As a result, we’ve turned their lean manufacturing principles into the same technology for the process of servicing your vehicle. We call this process X-Ray Planning and Meticulous Disassembly.

Shine Collision’s Process

Through this process our team of experts meticulously disassemble your vehicle and are better able to find collision damage hidden under the surface. We take apart your vehicle using the same methods and tools manufacturers use to assemble them. This allows us to assess each piece, noting the parts that have even small amounts of damage.

X-ray planning (also known as blueprinting your vehicle) is a system we use to gather all the correct information needed to quickly and accurately repair your car. Working closely with parts suppliers and insurance carriers, this will guarantee all damage is found, correct parts are used, and time of repair is reduced. We’ll repair your vehicle right the first time, getting it back to you as soon as possible.

Our goal is to eliminate wasted steps that bring you absolutely no value. We try to ensure everything we do to your vehicle brings value, and is of the highest quality possible. Trust Shine Collision’s state-of-the-art process to get your vehicle back in shape.