Straight Talk on Why Proper Post-Accident Wheel Alignment is Essential

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Oh no! You’ve been involved in an accident and your car has been mangled to one degree or another. A normal human reaction is to worry most about how the car “looks:” the bumpers are crushed perhaps or the front end is crumpled. Worst of all (horrors!) that beautiful paint job and those racing stripes you were so proud of are history.

Actually, fixing any exterior auto body damage such as this is pretty straight forward and is the least of your concerns. Of course, you want to have the chassis and paint restored to their original conditions by top professionals so that they look great again: but the real worry lies in what’s happening on the INSIDE. The quality of repairs done to the frame and related areas will make all the difference in terms of excellent vehicle performance as well as safety should you — God forbid — ever get in another accident. For example, getting wheels properly aligned again is crucial: here’s some straight talk on why this step is so important.

What Does Proper Alignment Do?

When you’re driving along on a straight road and let go of the steering wheel momentarily, does your car still go straight or does it drift to the left or right? If it drifts, chances are good that your alignment is out of whack. When a car is in alignment it simply means that the wheels are set into the chassis at the correct angles relative to each other and to the car body as specified by the manufacturer. Alignment will:

  • Allow your car to handle properly, optimizing the safety of both you and your passengers
  • Promote even wear of your tires resulting in longer life and increased performance

The most common reasons for alignment problems are hitting something hard (such as a pothole or a curb) and being involved in an accident. That’s why it’s essential to visit an excellent Utah auto body repair shop like Shine Collision and have your car’s inner workings checked out after any kind of accident: even if the exterior damage seems minor.

How Can An Auto Body Repair Specialist Help?

A skilled technician will adjust all primary and secondary angles including camber, caster and toe to make sure that your vehicle’s alignment is returned to its pre-accident condition according to factory specifications for that particular make and model.

Remember: as with many things, it’s what’s inside that counts most. Experienced Utah auto body repair professionals at Shine Collision are committed to addressing all facets of frame and undercarriage repair (like alignment) before moving on and expertly fixing that killer paint job: after all, your safety is what matters most.


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