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Suspension Straightening

Suspension issues can cause many problems in your vehicle. If you take your vehicle to an alignment shop and it cannot be aligned to factory specifications, it may mean that there is unibody or frame damage. At Shine Collision Repair, repairing suspension problems is one of our specialties.

Some of the most important points on your vehicle are where the suspension parts bolt to the body of the car. In an accident, these specific points can be pushed from their factory specifications. At Shine Collision Repair, we have laser measuring equipment, with all the latest measurement points from your vehicle’s manufacturer, to ensure that we get these points back to the correct geometry.

Many critical issues can result from suspension problems:

  • Alignment issues: Drivability problems, such as the vehicle pulling to the right or left, can be a result of suspension issues.
  • Uneven or excessive tire wear: Uneven wear on the outside tread or inside tread is often caused by suspension problems.
  • Handling problems: In some extreme cases, dangerous problems can result. Pump steer, in which the steering wheel can twist out of your hands when you hit a bump or pot hole, can be a result of suspension problems.

Whether it is a Macpherson strut, double A arm, Wishbone, Spring, Leafspring, or anything else the industry comes out with, our highly trained technicians at Shine Collision Repair can handle it. We can actually print out a laser measured spec. of your vehicle before we repair it. The measurements will show you how many millimeters your suspension is off compared to manufactures’ specs.

This is an example of the print out we use to show proper alignment of the suspension points. Once this is done, the new suspension parts can be bolted and the vehicle can have a suspension alignment. This tool allows our technicians to bypass outdated and time consuming measurement methods to save you time and money. Without this tool, vehicles would have to go back and forth from the frame straightening machine to the suspension alignment machine, a very lengthy process.

There are many geometric angles associated with suspension. These terms include: SAI (Steering Axes Inclination), Caster, Camber and Toe.

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