The 4 Most Expensive Vehicle Damage Repairs

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Repairing vehicle damage is never cheap. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs can well exceed the value of the car–even new! Sometimes damages are so extensive that it doesn’t even make financial sense to repair them, or it may not even be possible to repair them. These are the most extreme cases and most of the time, replacing the vehicle entirely is the only option. For most instances of vehicle damage, repairs can be done, but they can be pricey.

Even minor damages can cost thousands of dollars due to the nature of the parts that are used to build modern vehicles. Automotive technology is increasingly complex and the electronic components and specialized materials in newer vehicles will seriously inflate the cost of damage repairs and replacements. The extent of the damage as well as the make and model of the vehicle will determine the price, but here are a few of the most expensive general damage repairs as per parts of the vehicle.



The vehicle’s suspension is an integral part of the performance of a vehicle. Shocks, struts, springs, and ball joints can costs a thousand dollars and up to repair or replace. If the vehicle was involved in an accident that threw out the suspension or you just went over an enormous pothole or veered off the road at high speeds, the suspension is probably compromised and needs to be repaired. Between parts and labor, this is one of the more expensive vehicle damage repairs.



The computer system in a vehicle is a highly specialized part that regulates fuel, vehicle stability, and virtually all of the other electronic features inside the vehicle. Typically, these computers are sealed units that require time consuming access and repair. Damages to these systems can be very expensive since labor can be extensive and replacement costs equally high.


Heating and Cooling Systems-

These are two of the most essential functions of a vehicle–it’s heating and cooling systems. If the air conditioner is broken and you need more coolant, be prepared to hemorrhage money. Likewise, if the vehicle has a leaky radiator and the whole unit needs replacement, costs can be in the thousands. Serious wrecks can damage these systems–particularly the radiator.


Drive train-

If the vehicle’s engine and/or transmission is severely damaged, the drive train may need to be replaced. This is probably one of the most expensive vehicle damage repairs since the drive train is the heart of the vehicle itself. This kind of work often costs as much as a good used vehicle. A repair like this requires serious consideration of the value of the vehicle to justify such a large expense.

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