The Best and the Worst of Car Tech

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OK, so some car technology is really cool and has made our lives as drivers much more convenient. There are also some gadgets in the world of car tech. that could be considered completely useless. So, we’ve chosen five of the best and five of the worst car gadgets out there, let’s get started shall we?!

  1. Cool:A cup holder that can warm or cool your drink? Now that would just come in handy on so many occasions. No more cold coffee in winter or melted slushie in the summer.
  2. Sad: Map Lights. Let’s face it, few people use maps at all anymore; there is this cool new thing called GPS. Plus, there is the car light above your rearview mirror anyway, why the extra light?
  3. Cool: Start/Stop engine button. This makes getting into your car and on the road that much easier. Didn’t you know that the engine button on a Porsche is on the left side, not the right?
  4. Sad: Automatic seatbelts. Those can be down-right dangerous!
  5. Cool: Pedestrian detection. We love it because it’s a great way to make the roads safer for those who travel on foot and easier for the drivers to observe them.
  6. Sad: Though this isn’t necessarily a tech that is inconvenient, it’s more one that isn’t that impressive. On many luxury cars the headlights turn with the steering wheel. In theory this allows you more light in the areas for which you need them. For the most part, however, we’ve heard them to be unimpressive at best.
  7. Cool: This cool feature is all about comfort, the back seats of select luxury vehicles recline and massage the passenger.
  8. Sad: Moisture sensing windshield wipers can cause a problem in those movements when the source of water is a passing sprinkler versus an actual rain storm.
  9. Cool: In the cold months the steering wheel can get freezing, making holding the wheel a painful task. If you’re driving a new Jeep, however, the steering wheel heats itself!
  10. Sad: Motorized rearview mirrors… same amount of work as manual adjustment… just saying.


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