What’s So Bad About Distracted Driving?

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When you get into your car, do you turn off your cell phone or put it somewhere you can’t access it? According to multiple government studies, a large majority of drivers in the United States use their cell phone at least “occasionally” while driving. What many of those drivers may not know is that even moderate cell phone use while driving can be a major hazard and a threat to road safety.

Of course, many do know that, yet they continue to do it. They may think that the statistics don’t apply to them. They may claim that they’re too busy to ignore important calls while on the road. However, there’s no good excuse for distracted driving.

There’s a 20% chance this crash was the result of distracted driving

Why distracted driving is bad

According to the United States Department of Transportation, between 3,000 and 6,000 people are killed every year as a direct result of distracted driving. Distracted driving refers to any kind of driving that takes one’s full attention away from the road.

Some of the behaviors that fall under the category of “distracted driving” include:


  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Texting
  • Eating
  • Grooming (shaving, applying makeup, etc.)
  • Adjusting a GPS system, radio, CD player, or MP3 player
  • Talking to passengersAll of these activities are dangerous and should be avoided, but texting while driving is especially hazardous. Texting requires you to take one or both hands off the wheel, to take your eyes off the road, and to think about what you want to say. In other words, it distracts the driver from the road in every way.

    Distracted driving and accidents

    In short, you may think you’re in complete control of your car as you eat or text, but studies have shown that even a slight distraction will increase your response time and prevent you from making the split second decision that could prevent a major accident.

    Accidents aren’t always preventable. Bad weather, drunk drivers, and other problems can lead to accidents for even the most cautious and attentive drivers. However, a few precautions can make your commute much safer. If your car has been damaged in an accident, contact your Utah collision repair professionals!


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