Why Does My Car Repair Cost So Much?

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Car accidents can be very scary, stressful experiences.  On top of the obvious danger factor, there’s the possibility of a very large repair cost headed your way.  So, why do car repairs cost so much?

That’s a great question! We’ll try to answer it as best as we can.  What you need to know is that there are three main criteria used to price any given auto repair: labor, parts and overhead costs:

  1. Labor: Generally, most car shops charge about $75-175 per hour.  This charge is based on the average amount of time it takes a professional to perform a certain task, among other things.
  2. Parts: The price of parts depends mostly on the type of parts purchased.  For instance, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts tend to be the higher priced and have a reputation for being of a better quality.  Other parts (aka Aftermarket parts) have three tiers to define quality and cost, and the price of used parts depends on mileage and demand.
  3. Overhead costs: Overhead costs generally include rent, electricity, employee training, equipment, utilities, etc.

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