Why Your Car Needs Regular Maintenance

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Just like when you have to visit the doctor, your car needs frequent check-ups. If regular car maintenance is avoided, small problems that would have been easily fixable at first turn into expensive, annoyingly large issues that can ruin your car.

Check-ups that should be done monthly

  • Keep the car clean
  • Make sure the lights are functional
  • Maintain a good level of windshield wiper fluid
  • Check the pressure and condition of your tires
  • Inspect belts, hoses, battery, battery cables, and fuel and air filters
  • Fill transmission fluid and power steering fluid if needed
  • Rotate or replace your tires
  • Replace your fuel and air filters if necessary.
  • Change oil and oil filter
  • Check exhaust system
  • Replace wiper blades if they are not working properly
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Inspect brake and suspension systems
  • Change the antifreeze

Maintenance suggestions for every 3- to 6-months

Yearly Maintenance

Though these fixes might cost a little bit of money and time, they will save you from having to replace something much more expensive than a few filters and spark plugs. Don’t let your car’s value go down because of procrastination. And, for all your Utah auto body care, talk to the experts!

-Kassandra Konecny

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